Communication Tips and Strategies Workshop: What Drives You?

1On Saturday, May 4th, Cec Hanec lead members of the MMTA in a wonderful workshop to help understand the communication methods of self and others.  She began by leading the members in talking about what blocks effective interpersonal relationships, eg: trust, cultural background, judgement, impatience, physical size. and what are the benefits of overcoming those blocks, eg: less stress and respect.  The members learned that body language accounts for 55% of the way we communicate with others, followed by tone of voice, 38%, and words used, 7%.  Pace of speech and action is also important in communication but is not quantifiable.


The meat of the workshop had us look at workplace drivers.  Everyone has something unique to them that motivates them.  It motivates them to get up and go to work.  To keep going everyday.  These motivators, or drivers, can be broken down into 6 different categories:

  • Theoretical Knowledge: Instinctive vs Intellectual
  • Utility: Selfless vs Resourceful
  • Aesthetics: Objective vs Harmonious
  • Social: Intentional vs Altruistic
  • Individualistic Power: Collaborative vs Commanding
  • Methodologies: Receptive vs Structure8

The members did self-exploration to find what drives them and how to effectively communicate with others that have different drivers.  Cec was able to keep the mood light with great examples and personal stories.  Members chimed in with questions and stories as well which kept the workshop at a steady pace.


The workshop finished with members assessing themselves on the D.I.S.C. behaviour assessment.  This assessment shows how an individual handles problems and challenges.

The Communication Tips and & Strategies workshop was fast-paced, fun and informative.  Many members felt that a longer, more in-depth workshop would be interesting and beneficial.

Thank you Cec Hanec for the fun and informative workshop.

Thank you to Winnipeg Montessori and Shannon Curtaz for opening their school for this workshop.



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