Rise Up and Bring Mindfulness and Yoga to your classroom

Felecia Nanassy, from Rise & Shine Kids Yoga lead our educator workshop on Monday, May 13 on helping to create a mindful classroom space.  We explored the challenges that the lack of language creates by trying to learn three things about our partner without using words.  This exercise gave a very good insight how difficult it can be for children that are just learning language to understand and convey thoughts and feelings.16.jpg


Felecia lead the group through a kids yoga program.  Sitting on our yoga mats and using a Hoberman sphere we became aware of our breaths and how our lungs and bellies take in air.  She told us that remembering to keep a kids yoga class fluid by listening to the children to lead the direction in the moment is very important.   The group released their inner child and moved with ease and fun.  We took turns using a scarf to create movements then tossed the scarf to next person to change movements.  Felecia helped us to recapture the spontaneity and innocence of childhood with her music and quiet guidance.  Bunny breaths and volcano breaths, juicy descriptive words all help us to connect to children and help them learn to self-calm.


We ended the evening by giving back to ourselves.  Self-care is important and Felecia guided us through partner relaxation and stretching techniques.  As teachers, we give ourselves everyday to our students and, often, we don’t remember to take time to relax and be mindful of our own self.


Felecia had amazing information to help keep us connected to the children we work with and create mindfulness in our classrooms.  With simple techniques, games and movements we are able to help children center and be mindful in themselves.




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